Base Camp Cricut Cartridge – 7 Tips You Can Use Today

The Base Camp Cricut cartridge is a font cartridge that is perfect for scrapbooks, stationary and those all-important commemorations honoring our servicemen and servicewomen. With lettering and various designs that fit a wide range of projects, Cricut beginners and pros should all take a look at everything the Base Camp Cricut cartridge has to offer.

7 Base Camp Cricut Cartridge Tips

1. The Base Annapurna Sanctuary Trek Itinerary cartridge is all about usability, practicality and versatility. With these three qualities in mind, users can benefit as much or as little as they want from this creative tool. The key is to take advantage of everything this cartridge has to offer, which means knowing it from top to bottom.

2. The font is a straightforward alphabet, free of the extraneous glitz present in other fonts. It always features numerals 0-9 and several common symbols. With a simple and classic font such as this one, users can utilize it in virtually any capacity. Use it for both formal projects and ones that are simply for fun.

3. Alongside the font, there are also several graphic phrases. These include: I miss you, kiss kiss hug hug, I(heart)u4evr, Thanks, Happy Birthday, USA, and, the, To and From. These heartfelt sentiments can be used for a wide variety of reasons, but as the name would suggest, all of these graphic phrases can be used to loving thoughts and prayers to our troops.

4. Another suggestion is to use the cartridge to create personalized cards, invitations, thank you notes and even gift tags for loved ones. By using the graphics, as well as the creative features, creating such items is a breeze.

5. Another tip is to use all that is featured in this creative tool to create handmade picture frames featuring your closest friends and loved ones. Pick out a few of your favorite cartridge phrases like “kiss kiss hug hug” and “I(heart)u4evr” and place them along the edges of the frame.

6. The Base Camp cartridge features several creative options which can be used to add effects, shapes and more to your paper crafts. These features include: tag, dog tag, charm, rectangle, shadow and blackout.

7. Now with these creative features, users can easily make their own dog tags and charms. For gift-wrapping and parties, users can also utilize those features to make place cards, name tags and favor labels.

With so much to offer, it is no wonder that people everywhere are seeing the Cricut Base Camp cartridge for the versatile and practical tool that it is. Create something personal with the Base Camp Cricut cartridge and these 7 helpful tips.